Energy Saving Products

Are you looking to get some of the same advantages that solar gives, but do not have the funds to transition to solar? Do not worry. Princeton Solar carries energy saving products that will lower the cost of your electricity bill and come at an affordable price to maximize your energy savings. Take a look at the following energy saving devices and see how they can put more money in your wallet.

Power Saver 1200

powersaver1200.jpgThe Power Saver 1200 is designed to recycle energy that is typically wasted, which reduces the usage of power from your power company. This unit will lower your electricty bill and pay for itself with in months. Your power company uses this same energy saving devices to optimize their electricty so why shouldn't you? With it's affordable price, 20 year warranty and 1 year money back guarantee you can be confident the Power Saver 1200 will improve the quality of your life.

The AC Optimizer

acoptimizers.jpgUnlike your thermostat, the AC optimizer comunicates with the compressor and reduces your electricity consumption for your air conditioning unit. By comparing the temperature outside with the current compressor's run cycle, the AC Optimizers' internal computer "learns" how much energy it can save by reducing the compressor run time while maintaining the desired thermostat set-point, without driving the indoor temperature below that indoor set-point

Solar Attic Ventilation

atticbreeze.jpgAttic venting plays a crucial role in maintaining your home. Using proper ventilation fans will effectively extend the material life of your roof and even lessen the load on your air conditioner. The vapor that develops by everyday living like showering and cooking traps moisture in your attic that often cause rust, rot, and increased bacteria and mold counts which can directly impact your respiratory health! 

Energy Efficient Lighting

efficientlighting.jpgLighting Energy Saving Products is the number one application of electricty around the world, which means it could be a significant cost to your energy bill. Reduce your energy bill with a LED lighting fixture or bulbs. All of our LED lighting fixtures and bulbs come with a 3 year warranty, so you can be guarenteed LED lights will pay for themselves. Check out all the solutions we provide for light bulbs and lighting fixtures.

Refrigerators & Chest Freezers

Solar Refrigerators & Chest FreezersDid you know that you can reduce the usage of your stored power with special energy efficient refgrierators & chest freezers? Whether you are living off the grid or have a battery back up solar system, it is a great idea to reserve power usage. There is no need to comprise stored power to keep your food frozen and refrigerated. Just purchase one of our solar refrigerators or freezers for your necessary appliances needs.