PowerOne Aurora Uno PVI 5kW, 208/240/277VAC, 60Hz, 1-ph Inverter

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PowerOne Aurora Uno PVI 5kW, 208/240/277VAC, 60Hz, 1-ph Inverter

Power One Aurora Uno PVI-5000-OUTD-US

High-Efficiency 5kW Inverters.

Aurora® grid-tie transformerless inverters offer a unique combination of ultra-high efficiencies, installer-friendly designs, long service life, and competitive initial acquisition costs; significantly increasing return on investment in solar-power installations.

Industry-Leading Features and Performance

  • High efficiencies deliver more energy – up to 97% (96,5 CEC).
  • Two inputs with independent MPPTs, optimize power from multiple arrays oriented in different directions.
  • Compact size and high power density: 6000W max of output power in a box just 38 5/8” x 12 13/16 x 7 11/16”

Field-Proven Reliability

  • IP65 (NEMA 4) rated enclosure withstands the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Front-mounted heat sink resists contamination, enhancing cooling and increasing reliability and long-term efficiency.
  • Grid-connected operation according to international standards, UL1741/IEEE1547 & CSA-C22.2 N.107.1-01
  • Ten-year warranty, optionally extendable to fifteen and twenty years.

Installer Friendly

  • Reverse-polarity protection minimizes potential damage caused by miswiring during installation.
  • Front-panel mounted LCD display provides real-time updates for all critical operating parameters.
  • RS-485 and USB communications interfaces.
  • Integrated DC switch available in compliance with NEC Standard, Article 690 “Solar Photovoltaic System” (USA)
  • Anti-islanding protection

Unmatched Applications Flexibility

  • Models available with 90 to 530 volt operating windows
  • Independent inputs, with high-speed MPPTs, optimize the energy available from multiple arrays with different orientations and tilt angles, and an unequal number of strings per array
  • Selected inverters feature an internal fan for extended ambient temperature operation


Input Side PVI-5000-OUTD-US
Absolute Maximum DC Input Voltage (Vmax,abs): 600 V
Start-up DC Input Voltage (Vstart): 200 V (adj. 120...350 V)
Operating DC Input Voltage Range (Vdcmin...Vdcmax): 0.7 x Vstart...580 V
Rated DC Input Power (Pdcr): 5150 W
Number of Independent MPPT: 2
Maximum DC Input Power for each MPPT (PMPPTmax): 4000 W
DC Input Voltage Range with Parallel Configuration of MPPT at Pacr: 200...530 V
DC Power Limitation with Parallel Configuration of MPPT: Linear Derating From MAX to Null [530V≤VMPPT≤580V]
DC Power Limitation for each MPPT with Independent Configuration of MPPT at Pacr , max unbalance example: 4000 W [225V≤VMPPT≤530V]
the other channel: Pdcr-4000W
Maximum DC Input Current (Idcmax) / for each MPPT (IMPPTmax): 36.0 A / 18.0 A
Maximum Input Short Circuit Current for each MPPT: 22.0 A
Number of DC Inputs Pairs for each MPPT: 1
DC Connection Type: Screw Terminal Block, 3 Knock-Outs: 1 ½” or 1” (w/ Ring Reducer)
Input Protection PVI-5000-OUTD-US
Reverse Polarity protection: Yes, from limited current source
Input Over Voltage Protection for each MPPT - Varistor: 2
Photovoltaic Array Isolation Control: GFDI (for use with either Positive or Negative Grounded Arrays)
DC Switch Rating for each MPPT (-S Version): 25 A / 600 V
Output Side PVI-5000-OUTD-US
AC Grid Connection Type: Single phase / Split phase
Rated AC Power (Pacr):  5000 W
Maximum AC Output Power (Pacmax): 5000 W
Rated AC Grid Voltage (Vac,r): 208 V / 240 V / 277 V
AC Voltage Range:

208 V: 183...228 V

240 V: 211...264 V

277 V: 244...304 V

Maximum AC Output Current (Iac,max):

208 V: 27.0 A

240 V: 23.0 A

277 V: 20.0 A

Rated Output Frequency (fr): 60 Hz
Output Frequency Range (fmin...fmax): 59.3...60.5 Hz
Nominal Power Factor (Cosphiac,r): > 0.995 
Total Current Harmonic Distortion: < 2% 
AC Connection Type: Screw terminal block 
Output Protection PVI-5000-OUTD-US
Anti-Islanding Protection: According to UL 1741/IEE1547
Maximum AC Overcurrent Protection:

208 V: 35.0 A

240 V: 30.0 A

277 V: 25.0 A

Output Overvoltage Protection - Varistor: 2 (L1 - L2 / L1 - PE)
Operating Performance PVI-5000-OUTD-US
Maximum Efficiency (ηmax):  97.1%
Weighted Efficiency (EURO/CEC):

208 V: 96.0%

240 V: 96.5%

277 V: 96.5%

Feed In Power Threshold: 20.0 W
Stand-by Consumption:

< 8.0 W

Communication PVI-5000-OUTD-US
Wired Local Monitoring:  PVI-USB-RS485_232 (opt.), PVI-DESKTOP (opt.)
Remote Monitoring: PVI-AEC-EVO (opt.), AURORA-UNIVERSAL (opt.)
Wireless Local Monitoring: PVI-DESKTOP (opt.) with PVI-RADIOMODULE (opt.)
User Interface:

16 characters x 2 lines LCD display

Environmental PVI-5000-OUTD-US
Ambient Temperature Range:  -25...+60°C (-13...+ 140°F) with derating above 50°C (122°F)
Relative Humidity: 0...100% condensing
Noise Emission:  
Maximum Operating Altitude without Derating:

2000 m / 6560 ft

Physical PVI-5000-OUTD-US
Environmental Protection Rating:  IP 65
Cooling: Natural
Dimension (H x W x D): 1052mm x 325mm x222mmm / 41.4” x 12.8” x 8.7”

< 27.0 kg / 59.5 lb

Mounting System: Wall bracket
Safety PVI-5000-OUTD-US
Isolation Level:  Transformerless
Marking: cCSAus
Safety and EMC Standard: UL 1741, CSA - C22.2 N. 107.1-01
Grid Standard:

IEEE 1547

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Ten-year warranty, optionally extendable to fifteen and twenty years.