Unirac SM™/ SMi™/ SF™/ SM(E)™, Fast Foot

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Fast Foot

Unirac SolarMount (E)volution™/ SolarMount-i/ SunFrame/ SolarMount


The FastFoot, which features Eco-Fasten technology by the Alpine Snow Guard Company, allows attachments to metal, concrete and wood decks without compromising the integrity of the roof.

• For metal roofs: what gauge and support spacing?
• For concrete: is it architectural or structural concrete?
• For wood decks: attachment must be to purlins or rafters.

All of these factors play a role in determining the allowable roof point load values. Upon review of the IBC 2006, Section 1607.3, dealing with building live loads, Unirac has limited our attachment allowance to an 800 lb. uplift per attachment. Table 1607.1 from the same reference gives a range of minimal design point loading from 300 to 3000 lb.

FastFoot Assembly

 Part #               
 004003C  FastFoot 3" Assembly 
 004004C  FastFoot 4" Assembly
 004005C  FastFoot 7" Assembly


FastFoot Accessories (Click HERE)

 Part #               
 004012C  Flashing #1 Galvalume
 004017D  Flashing Peel & Stick EPDM BLK      
 030001C  Anchors, #14
 030004C  Concealer Screw 1.5", DP1
 030005C  Concealer Screw 2", DP1
 030006C  Concealer Screw 2.75", DP4
 030007C  Concealer Screw 3", DP1
 030008C  Concealer Screw 3.75", DP4
 030009C  Concealer Screw 1.375", DP4
 030010C  Concealer Screw 4", DP1
 030011C  Concealer Screw 4.5", DP1
 030012C  Concealer Screw 4.75", DP4
 030013C  Concealer Screw 5", DP1
 030014C  Concealer Screw 5.75", DP4
 030015C  Concealer Screw 6", DP1
 030016C  Concealer Screw 6.75", DP4
 030017C  Concealer Screw 7", DP1
 030018C  Concealer Screw 7.75", DP4
 030019C  Ferrules 48"


FastFoot DOES NOT INCLUDE flashings, DP1 concealer screws, DP4 concealer screws, anchors or ferrules are sold separately.
Price and specifications are subject to change without notice



10 year limited Product Warranty, 5 year limited Finish Warranty

Unirac, Inc., warrants to the original purchaser (“Purchaser”) of product(s) that it manufactures (“Product”) at the original installation site that the Product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years, except for the anodized finish, which finish shall be free from visible peeling, or cracking or chalking under normal atmospheric conditions for a period of five (5) years, from the earlier of 1) the date the installation of the Product is completed, or 2) 30 days after the purchase of the Product by the original Purchaser (“Finish Warranty”). The Finish Warranty does not apply to any foreign residue deposited on the finish. All installations in corrosive atmospheric conditions are excluded. The Finish Warranty is VOID if the practices specified by AAMA 609 & 610-02.

– “Cleaning and Maintenance for Architecturally Finished Aluminum” (www.aamanet.org) are not followed by Purchaser. This Warranty does not cover damage to the Product that occurs during its shipment, storage, or installation.
This Warranty shall be VOID if installation of the Product is not performed in accordance with Unirac’s written installation instructions, or if the Product has been modified, repaired, or reworked in a manner not previously authorized by Unirac IN WRITING, or if the Product is installed in an environment for which it was not designed. Unirac shall not be liable for consequential, contingent or incidental damages arising out of the use of the Product by Purchaser under any circumstances. If within the specified Warranty periods the Product shall be reasonably proven to be defective, then Unirac shall repair or replace the defective Product, or any part thereof, in Unirac’s sole discretion. Such repair or replacement shall completely satisfy and discharge all of Unirac’s liability with respect to this limited Warranty. Under no circumstances shall Unirac be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages arising out of or related to use by Purchaser of the Product. Manufacturers of related items, such as PV modules and flashings, may provide written warranties of their own. Unirac’s limited Warranty covers only its Product, and not any related items.