Unirac SM™/U-LA™, Top Mount Mid Clamp | Bottom Clamp

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Top Mount Mid Clamp | Bottom Clamp

Unirac SolarMount™ | U-LA

Top Mount - Mid Clamp | Bottom Clamp

Save time and money with SOLARMOUNT,  the world’s most versatile PV mounting system.

The universal SOLARMOUNT™ rail system has three options that can be assembled into a wide variety of PV mounting structures to accommodate any job site: SOLARMOUNT Flush, SOLARMOUNT High Profile Tilt, and SOLARMOUNT Low Profile Tilt.

Key Benefits

Maximum flexibility
Flush, high-profile or low-profile configurations for all locations.

Ease of installation
Minimized penetration with longer attachment spans than competitive products

Complete technical support
Installation and code compliance documentation

Core component for Unirac mounting solutions
Incorporated into other major product lines

SolarMount Mid Clamp Features

• Mid clamp material: One of the following extruded aluminum alloys: 6005-T5, 6105-T5, 6061-T6
• Ultimate tensile: 38ksi, Yield: 35 ksi
• Finish: Clear or Dark Anodized
• Mid clamp weight: 0.050 lbs (23g)
• Allowable and design loads are valid when components are assembled according to authorized UNIRAC documents
• Values represent the allowable and design load capacity of a single end clamp assembly when used with a SolarMount series beam to retain a module in the direction indicated
• Assemble with one Unirac ¼”-20 T-bolt and one ¼”-20 ASTM F594 serrated flange nut
• Use anti-seize and tighten to 10 ft-lbs of torque
• Resistance factors and safety factors are determined according to part 1 section 9 of the 2005 Aluminum Design Manual and third party test results from an IAS accredited laboratory

SolarMount Mid Clamps | Bottom Clamp

 Part #               
 302101C  SM Mid Clamp - Sizes ABCDK, w/ HDW, CLR   
 302101D  SM Mid Clamp - Sizes ABCDK, w/ HDW, DRK
 302103C  SM Mid Clamp - Sizes EFJMN, w/ HDW, CLR
 302104D  SM Mid Clamp - Sizes EFJMN, w/ HDW, DRK
 302105D  SM Mid Clamp - Size G, w/ HDW, DRK
 302106D  SM Mid Clamp - Size H, w/ HDW, DRK
 302000C  SM Bottom Mount Clamp, w/ HDW, DRK


SolarMount End Clamp Capacity

Applied Load
Average Ultimate lbs
Allowable Load lbs
Safety Factor,
Design Load lbs
Resistance Factor,
Tension, Y+ 2020 (8987) 891 (3963) 2.27 1348 (5994) 0.667
Transverse, Z± 520 (2313) 229 (1017) 2.27 346 (1539) 0.665
Sliding, X± 1194 (5312) 490 (2179) 2.44 741 (3295) 0.620


Top Mount Sizing for SM™, SMi™, U-LA™



Top Mounting Clamp Installation Detail



CLR = Clear Anodized
DRK = Dark Bronze Anodized (BLACK)
W/HDW = Includes appropriate T-Bolts or Hex Head Bolts and Flange Nuts
Price and specifications are subject to change without notice.




SolarMount is covered by a 10-year limited product warranty and a 5-year limited finish warranty.