Solar Inverters

Solar Power Inverters

Solar power inverters convert the energy harvested by a solar panel system from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).  In order for the solar energy from your PV system to translate into usable electrical energy, this DC-AC conversion must first take place.  Solar inverters are therefore necessary to the practical application of all solar systems.  There are different off grid and grid tie inverters to choose from depending on the specifics of your solar power system.  For help determining which power inverter is right for your PV system, contact Princeton Solar.

Grid Tie Inverters

grid-tiedblue.pngGrid tied solar systems are connected to the public energy grid through a junction box. These systems require a grid tied solar inverter to reduce your energy bill. You can choose a micro inverter or a string inverter for your grid tied solar energy system. We also offer battery backup inverters to keep your emergency energy back up system charged for when the energy grid is down. Have a large solar array? We supply solar power inverters for large solar projects that require a central inverter.

Off Grid Inverters

offgrid-invertersblue.pngOff grid solar systems are not connected to a public energy system, but instead are independent energy generators. The energy that is not used is stored in solar batteries for later use. An off grid inverter also known as an inverter charger is used for any type of solar energy system that has no access to the utility grid. We have multiple modified sinewave and pure sinewave off grid inverters for any off grid energy project.