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Princeton Solar (SSUSA) is officially trademarked and branded as “America’s Online Solar Store”. We sell solar panels and complete systems, at factory direct prices, throughout the U.S. and abroad. We sell straight to the end user. This means we have very competitive prices because we have cut out the middleman. Our mission is to make solar affordable for all American’s without having to be dependent on government tax incentives. Are you looking to be a part of the burgeoning market that has grown 1700% between 2005 & 2011? If you consider yourself to be a strong person and you are solar knowledgeable then we invite you to take a look at the solar jobs listed below and let us know if you have what it takes to fill any of these positions.

In-House Sales Jobs

Here we grow Again! Princeton Solar is seeking to add another solar sales specialist to work out of there corporate offices Atlanta, GA.  If you are solar experienced and can put together a grid tied solar proposal and have knowledge of solar panels then this opportunity might be for you. 

Due to a recent partnership that will facilitate our numerous growth opportunities the company is preparing for the solar boom that is currently taking place in the U.S. and abroad.  We are preparing the company for unprecedented growth. This person must be a team oriented individual who has the ability to connect with customers and one who seeks a long term growth opportunity with an up and comer.  Over the last 3 years we have developed a national presence in the solar equipment market and we are poised to capture significant market share in the B2C and B2B market. We need talented, competent, ethical and motivated salespeople to help us capture this booming, profitable, renewable energy market shift.

  • If you have the goods, we have identified the goal.
  • Flexible work environment 
  • Lucrative Commission Structure
  • Long Term Committment Preferred
  • SSUSA's compensation profile is greater than standard industry commissions
  • No territory resctrictions! Sell anywhere in the U.S. and over-seas
  • Leads provided + providing assistance with proposals for 30 days.
  • Start out as a 1099 Sub-contractor and re-evaluate after 1 year
  • Many growth opportunities within the company.


If we sound like the type of company you have been looking to work with then please Call Nathan Thompson Today @ 1 (800) 991-3105

Solar Panel kit with Inverter

Solar Outside Sales – Live Anywhere

Solar Sales People! Princeton Solar is now seeking outside sales associate for commissioned based sales throughout the U.S. and over-seas. Our goal is to have at least one solar knowledgeable outside sales person in every state. The mission will be very simple and very straight forward. Make sure every business and residence in your state receives a very competitive proposal to make the transition to solar energy. No business is too big and no residence will be too small! One way or the other America is transitioning to solar energy and the question remaining is whether you will be a part of that transition. Now is the time to get onboard the solar juggernaut in your state.


We are seeking very passionate and aggressive outside salespersons (male or female) to put our low priced quality systems in the hands of America!! We have the goods if you have the time, energy, passion and willingness!! Notice this position does not require heavy experience and knowledge of solar, but please be clear. We do not have a training program and we strongly suggest a basic working knowledge of solar and all the terms involved in the industry.

Recommended Reading:


Sell to Businesses, homeowners, HOA’s, large farms, small farms, laundry facilities and we can even help you with teaching land-owners how to put up solar farms and sell the energy back to the power company. Very simply, if there is a structure and it currently uses electricity then you can sell them a system at the lowest price of anyone around. You can even introduce them to a contractor to install the system, if they need it or request it.

How It Works:

Our goal will be to support your sales efforts by providing you sample proposals for each of the structure types you call upon. As an example, a “mini-warehouse” that is atmosphere controlled would be a different type of system than a convenient store. The goal is for the outside sales person to go find customers seeking to transition to solar who are looking to get into solar at the best price. Hence, if you find the customers, we can and will provide you the best systems at the best price!

Payment Structure:

Due to this position being more like a partnership than an employee we will pay this position the highest rate of commission we offer. (See video for details on commission structure) There will be no limit on how much you can make, nor will you be limited by a territory in which you can sell systems. Likewise, if you find solar contractors that you can sell pallets of solar panels to, that is fine as well. Any product we carry or have access to you can sell and earn commission on.

The Future:

Solar is a huge growing market and has grown by 1700% between 2005 to 2011. This is less than 1% of the entire U.S. market potential!! (Talk about an opportunity!)


Interested parties should call Paul Merriman at 1 (800) 901-8816 or Nathan Thompson at 1 (800) 991-3105 if you can't reach Paul.

Solar Panel kit with Inverter

Solar Systems Designer

The company (SSUSA) is seeking an experienced individual who can put together complete solar system proposals for grid tied systems. (Off grid system knowledge would be helpful but not required) This individual is not required to be NABCEP certified, nor has to be an electrician, but both or either would be helpful. The position is largely putting together proposals for customers and then either selling them or putting the proposal together and sending it to the respective sales person who sent in the request.

As you will see from reviewing our website we are very competitive in our pricing and we have several factory direct relationships. We currently receive over 25 – 35 solar kit proposal request a week for both grid tied and off grid systems. These request are received through our online submission form at To date the website has approximately 40,000 to 50,000 visitors a month and has a “bounce rate” of under 6%.

The corporate offices are based in Roswell, GA, but working from a satellite location is negotiable. This is a very scalable position and thus far has been lucrative for others who have joined the team. As a side note, we do not limit your upside. There is no limit to how much you can earn here. 

Please send enquiries to OR Call 1-800-991-3105

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Princeton Solar is quickly becoming America’s premiere online solar store. We specialize in selling solar products that make up all grid tied or off grid solar systems. Whether you are buying 2 solar panels, a single solar inverter, a charge controller, or even a single axis ground mounted sun tracker with a battery back-up system, Princeton Solar offers all the major brands you need at true wholesale pricing. If you don’t see the product you need or the price you want, email or call us and we will find the product for you.