Grid Tied Solar Kits

Grid Tied Solar Kits

Grid tied solar kits are PV systems that generate power from solar energy and transfer that energy to your utility company through the power grid.  Providing electricity to the power earns you monthly discounts, significantly lowering your electric bill and saving you money.  By tying your solar panels to the power grid, you create a seamlessly efficient solar power system for your home or business.  Grid tied solar systems are a great investment option, saving customers hundreds in energy costs each year!  To customize a grid tied solar kit to meet your needs, contact Princeton Solar.  Our experts will help you choose the right solar panel brand, size, and wattage for your ideal grid tied solar system.

What’s included in a Grid Tied Solar Kit?

Solar panels - Photovoltaic panel systems, available in different sizes and wattages to meet your needs.

Grid tied solar inverter - String inverters and micro-inverters, the necessary hardware for converting solar power currents from DC to AC and feeding that current into the grid.

Balance of Systems parts - All other necessary pieces to complete your PV system, including junction boxes, cabling, and couplers.

Solar panel racking - Mounting solutions for rooftops, ground level, and pole systems, as per customer request.