Grid Tie with Battery Backup

Grid Tied Kits with Battery Backup

These grid tied kits generate solar energy to fuel a battery backup system while pumping excess energy back to the grid.  By minimizing your energy bill and saving you money each month, a grid tied kit with battery backup system will pay for itself  before long.  This solar system option creates a seamless, outage-free energy system - when electricity is unavailable from the grid, the solar battery backups will provide you with uninterrupted stream of power.  To design a custom grid tied kit with solar battery backup, contact Princeton Solar today.

What’s included in a Grid Tied Solar Kit with Battery Backup?

Solar panels - Photovoltaic panel systems, available in different sizes and wattages to meet your needs. Choose from a variety of brands, including Renology, Perilight, Canadian Solar, Renesola, Sharp, and many more.

Inverter charger - Included are string inverters to charge your batteries and transfer energy to the grid. Options include models by Outback and Magnum.

Charge controller - Off grid kits include MPPT charge controllers to regulate electrical activity in your battery, preserving overall battery life and performance.

Solar batteries - To ensure a backup power supply when the utility grid is unavailable,  kits include top of the line Trojan brand batteries to store solar power harvested in your PV system.

Balance of System parts - All other necessary pieces to complete your PV system, including junction boxes, cabling, and couplers.

Solar panel racking - Available mounting solutions for rooftops, ground level, and pole systems, as per customer request.