Small Solar Panel Kits

Small Solar Panel Kits

Our small solar kits offer solutions for generating electricity at affordable prices.  Perfect for making that first investment in home solar power, these kits have everything you’ll need to start converting sunlight into energy without breaking the bank.  Small solar panel kits provide just the right amount of power for small scale solar projects, like powering remote devices off the grid or running select home appliances.  Reduce your power bill in a big way with a small solar panel kit.

What’s included in a Small Solar Kit?

Solar panels - Photovoltaic panel systems, available in different sizes and wattages to meet your needs.  

Solar inverters - The hardware necessary to convert solar power currents from DC to AC, increasing overall efficiency of the system.

Balance of system parts - All other necessary pieces to complete your PV system, including charge controller, batteries, and cables.

No racking included - Prices for small solar panel kits do not include racking - call today for an estimate including racking hardware.