Solar Panel Kits


Solar Panel Kits

Whether you are just getting started with converting your home or business to solar power, or you are expanding on an existing PV system, a solar panel kit has everything you need.  Browse our pre-made solar kits, or provide us with the details of your project and Princeton Solar will build the right system to meet your needs.

Home Solar Kits

Princeton Solar offers a wide selection of ready-made solar kits for every unique home solar project.  If you don’t see a solar panel kit that is just right for you, contact us to receive a free system proposal for a more personalized set-up.  Our home solar experts can customize a solar panel kit for your home while adhering to your desired price point.  Get everything you need to solar power your home in one convenient package with a home solar kit.  To get started with a free solar proposal today, call 1-800-901-8816.

Solar Kits

Small Solar Kits

Small Solar Kits

Do you want solar energy to power a few of your small appliances or do you want to purchase a small affordable solar kit to test out solar energy? Start off with one our small affordable solar energy systems to power a small remote electrical need off the grid or reduce a portion of your energy bill on the grid with a small solar energy system.

Grid Tied Solar Kits


Also known as on grid solar panel kits, grid tied solar panel kits generate electricity and pass it back to the utility company, which decreases the cost of your electricity bill.

Grid Tie with Battery Solar Kits


Grid tied with battery back up kits are similar to a grid tied solar panel kit, because it passes the energy to the utility grid and decreases the cost of your electric bill. However, when the utility grid is down and unavailable you will have a battery back up system to provide power to your home or business.

Off Grid Solar Kits


When the electric utility grid is not available or too expensive to supply your residence or business with electricity, independent off grid solar systems are the solution for you. Or, maybe you just want to achieve independence from the power grid? If this is the case, an off grid solar panel kit will give you the independence you seek.

Difference between each type of solar system

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