Solar Racking

Solar Racking

A small yet significant detail in the assembly of your solar system is constructing your solar mounting system. Photovoltaic racking can be fastened to just about any surface, including rooftops, sheds, RVs, boats, ground and pole mounts.  No matter where you choose to install your solar panels,  proper solar panel mounting is required to for any PV system to be safe and secure as well as energy efficient.

Solar Mounting Options

Princeton Solar offers a variety of solar racking solutions:

- Ground & Roof Mounts:  Fastening system for rooftops or cement ground slabs, with adjustable legs to achieve the best fixed angle for your solar panels relative to your latitudinal positioning.

- Pole Mounts:  Securely elevates your PV system on a mounting pole for optimum sun exposure.

- Sun Trackers:  A greater initial investment that will ensure maximum returns, sun trackers adjust solar panel positioning throughout the day for the most efficient solar harvesting and power output.  

Whether retrofitting your home with a rooftop solar panel system, or assembling a PV array in your backyard for the first time, we recommend enlisting the assistance of a professional solar installer.  A solar professional will ensure that your solar racking meets the highest standards of safety efficiency the first time, without any guesswork.

Constructing a new array?  Looking for a replacement part for your existing solar panel mounting system? SSUSA has the parts you’ll need for the job.


Ground & Roof Mounts

Ground & Roof Mounting Parts

If you have enough roof surface area on your roof to mount your solar panels, a roof mount is the ideal solution for a south facing roof. However, if not, a ground mounting solution for your solar panels is possible with the extensive racking parts Princeton Solar carries.

Pole Mounts

Solar Panel Pole Mounting Solutions

Solar Panel Pole Mounts are designed to mount 1 to 4 solar modules. The pole racks fit serveral sized poles and adjust for optimium sun angle. Pole size is determined by the number of modules to be mounted. It's always important that your base supports the top.

Sun Trackers

Solar Panel Sun Tracking Systems

Solar Panel Sun Tracker systems will direct your solar modules at the optimum angel to the sun through the day. Although slightly more expensive, it can improve the efficiency of your solar panels and give your system the optimum power output.