Ground & Roof Mounts

Ground Mounts

The simplest of the available solar mounting systems, this option secures your photovoltaic system at ground level.  For optimum performance and durability, we recommend fastening solar ground mount systems to a solid surface, such as a cement slab.  We offer stationary ground mounts as well as optional adjustable leg options to meet your solar system’s racking needs.  Each A-frame ground mount is designed to support between 1 and 8 solar panels.  

Should I choose Solar Ground Mounting?

For PV systems located in far northern and southern hemispheres, ground mounting is often the best option when rooftops are not oriented for optimum sun exposure.  Solar ground mounts allow for flexibility with the positioning of solar panels to ensure your system harvests the greatest amount of sunlight.

Roof Mounts

Solar panel roof mounts fix photovoltaic systems atop the roof structures of homes and commercial buildings.  Roof racking systems attach directly to your existing roof, or can be built in to newly constructed roofing.  Princeton Solar offers a variety of solar roof mount solutions depending upon your needs.  Choose from a range of options for all different possible roof structures.  Call the experts at Princeton Solar to help you make the best racking choice for your roof.

Should I choose Solar Roof Mounting?

In order to get the most out of your solar system with roof racking, it is important to consider your latitudinal location. For best results with solar roof mounts, northern hemisphere customers should have south-facing roof surfaces, and customers in the southern hemisphere should have roofs oriented northward.  Optimum tilt angle ensures optimum efficiency of your PV system, so a sun-facing roof surface is crucial to rooftop solar panels.  Wherever you live, if a sufficient area of your rooftop allows for roof mounted panels to be angled for maximum sun exposure, then solar roof mounts might be the best racking option for you.  

To determine whether a solar roof mount system or ground racking is best for your solar panels, contact Princeton Solar.  Based on your project specs, we can help you decided between ground and roof mounts to best secure your solar panel system.