Solar Panel Pole Mount

Pole Mounts

Solar panel pole mounting systems are a great option when ground or roof space is limited.  If your rooftop does not allow for optimum tilt angle, or if you’d like to preserve your yard space for gardening or recreation, we have pole mounts to meet your needs.  Solar pole mounts are available as either top-of-pole or side-of-pole racks.  

Top-of-pole Mounts

Since they can hold a greater number of larger modules,  top-of-pole solar mounts are ideal for larger scale solar systems.  Adjustable to any angle, top-of-pole racking systems allow for optimum energy output from your solar panels any time of day, all year round.  For this reason, fastening your solar panels to a top-of-pole mount is often preferable to roof mounting in northern climates.  

Side-of-pole Mounts

Designed with smaller projects in mind, each side-mount solar racking pole holds between 1 and 4 modules.  With either the hose clamp or U-bolt fastening option, side-of-pole solar mounts make home assembly a breeze with a majority of solar panel models.  Depending on the number of solar panels to be mounted, these solar pole mounts come in a range of sizes.  Side-of-pole racking systems provide several tilt angle options, from 15 to 65 degrees, to allow for seasonal adjustment.  Managing your solar power system with side-mount racking is easy!

The universal design of all our pole mounts - complete with stainless steel fasteners and galvanized steel pole bracket, cross plate, and cross-rail - allow for easy installation with almost any solar panel on the market. Call today to get set up with an affordable pole mounting system from Princeton Solar.