Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Diagram

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy systems are a means of harnessing heat energy from the sun’s rays for use in homes and commercial locations.  Solar thermal systems are ideal for heating the water in your swimming pool, bathtub, shower, and faucets, both at home and at the office.  The panels in a solar thermal setup harvest energy from the sun’s rays to heat the water in storage tanks, keeping you supplied with hot water without breaking the bank.  

Advantages of Solar Thermal

Because they utilize the heat directly from the sun without converting the energy into electricity, solar thermal offers a much more efficient water heating system than PV panels.  This means that a solar thermal heating system does not require an inverter, making solar thermal set up that much easier.  By generating your hot water source from the sun’s rays, solar thermal will be sure to save you money on monthly heating costs.  

What’s included in a Solar Thermal System?

  • Solar Collector(s) - evacuated tube systems and flat plate systems available for harnessing the sun’s rays.

  • Water Tank - to store your solar heated water supply until use.

  • Circulation Pump - available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs.

  • Controller - temperature control at your fingertips.

  • Other components - such as essential flanges and valves for your solar thermal system.

Evacuated Tube Systems

evacuated-tube-systems.jpgEvacuated tube system heat large amounts of water quickly and the collectors are more efficient in colder temperatures. The evacuated tube collectors also work well in cold climates at shedding snow after winter weather. Overall, evacuated tube collectors are more efficient in the more northern states of the U.S.

Flat Plate Systems

flat-plate-systems.jpgFlat plate system come with a lower risk of overheating than evacuated tube systems. Especially in the more warm climates of the world. However, they are still effective in colder termpertures and shed snow better than an evacuated tube system. Purchase one of our affordable flat plate systems and heat your water for free.