Evacuated Tube


Evacuated Tube Systems

Evacuated tube solar thermal systems use a system of vacuum sealed tubes to conduct and circulate solar energy through a system of heat pipes and transfer fluid,efficiently transferring that heat to your water supply.  When compared to a flat plate collector system, evacuated tube offer a fast and efficient hot water heating option.

Advantages of Evacuated Tube Systems

Its unique design allows an evacuated tube system to heat water much faster than its flat plate counterpart.  The vacuum design minimizes convection and conduction heat loss from the system, allowing for a more efficient solar thermal system by comparison.  This advantage is significant particularly in colder temperatures, making evacuated tubes an ideal option for the temperate climates of northern U.S. states.  

What’s included with an Evacuated Tube System?

  • ATS -30 Evacuated Tube Collectors - to collect the sun’s rays.

  • Single Coil Tank - to store heated water until use.

  • Circulation Pump - to transfer water between the tank and collectors.

  • Drainback Tank - to prevent freezing and overheating.

  • Other system components - such as temperature controller and essential flanges and valves for your solar thermal system.