Flat Plate


Flat Plate Systems

Flat plate solar thermal systems use large flat panels to absorb the sun’s rays, using that solar energy to heat water for your home or business.  Flat plate systems are available both for rooftops and ground level, in a variety of sizes and arrays to meet your needs.  A long lasting flat plate system will yield maximum returns on your solar thermal investment by greatly reducing your heating costs each month.  

Advantages of Flat Plate Systems

Flat plate systems work most efficiently in hot climates, whereas evacuated tube systems risk overheating in warmer weather.  While this does make flat plates a great choice for the southern states, their smooth surface also allows for easy rooftop snow removal during a northern winter, keeping the panels clear for maximum sun exposure despite snowfall.  Though they might heat water less quickly than vacuum tubes, the continuous absorbance area of a flat plate system ensures maximum intake of sunlight and efficiency.  To determine if a flat plate system is right for your solar thermal project, call Princeton Solar today.

What’s included in a Flat Plate System?

  • Flat Plate Collectors - to absorb the sun’s rays.

  • Water Tank - to store heated water until use.

  • Internal Heat Exchanger - to transfer solar heat from the plate to the water tank.

  • Internal Heat Element - for maximum circulation efficiency.

  • Expansion Tank - to protect against excess pressure due to heat expansion.

  • Controller - for water temperature control at your fingertips.

  • Other system components - such as essential flanges and valves for your solar thermal system.