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Advantage Solar Warranty Policy

Advantage Solar, Inc. DBA SolarSystemsUSA.net sells the best products the solar industry has to offer. However, even superior products may fail to perform as expected. In certain circumstances, manufacturer warranty services may be required. As a first thought, please understand that it is our fundamental belief a successful online company cannot have unhappy customers. A fair and reasonable arrangement must be met and agreed upon. 

With the above said, when you believe the product you have purchased from us is in need of warranty service, your first step is to send an email to: customerservice@solarsystemsusa.net or call 1 (800) 901-8816.  Advantage Solar, Inc. DBA SolarSystemsUSA.net will evaluate your situation and determine the next step.


When an inverter fails to operate properly, you must fill out the warranty form online. When the Warranty Department receives this, we will assist you with filing your claim with the vendor. Once you have submitted the form, you may follow up with our Warranty Specialist for follow up. You must provide the serial number of the unit, any details of no or low output and how the unit was checked.


Modules not generating expected output may require replacement. Once you submit your warranty claim form our warranty department, we will be contacting you to assist with your claim. Depending on the circumstances, the manufacturer may replace the product directly with you or Advantage Solar may supply the replacement.

In most cases, a product's warranty limits a manufacturer's liability to repair or replace the module. Labor and shipping costs associated with warranty service are usually not covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

Other Products:

For other products, contact our Warranty Department at customerservice@solarsystemsusa.net or call 1 (800) 901-8816

We appreciate your business and we look forward to resolving any problem you may have.

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